Learn how to put your creativity, dinner conversations and even the year-old can of beans at the back of your pantry to work!

We’ve all said these go-to phrases before, maybe one too many times: “There are starving children in Africa! Stop complaining!” How do we inspire our children toward sharing and kindness without sounding like a broken record?

We’re here to help! Download this free ebook for easy, fun and practical ways to teach your children generosity—and make it stick.

  • Dozens of discussion questions for both beginner and intermediate levels
  • 10 “Step Into Their Shoes” sections with videos, stories and quick facts
  • Fun ideas, photos and quotes optimized for easy Pinterest sharing

“This ebook sparks discussion and issues a challenge for all ages. I found it useful as a parent in giving me ideas on highlighting the needs of others with my family and bringing the point home with practical examples. I would recommend this book to parents who are trying to raise kids with hearts of gratitude, compassion and care for others. They would appreciate the message packed into the quick-to-read format.”


Mom of two teens and 15-year-old exchange student

“The Giving Table is a well-written, quick read. It presented the facts and challenged the reader in ways that left me excited and inspired. I greatly appreciate the new ideas this book suggested for teaching my family the fine character quality of generosity. I want my children to be others-focused, quick to show God’s love to all, and not only aware that extreme poverty exists but also have a heart to do something about it. I believe this book is a good resource to have in training them in these areas.”


Mom of 3 & 5-year-olds and 4-month-old

“Well-written, easy to understand, and very practical! These activities can be implemented without much—if any—prior planning or preparation. I just realized that I can do Activity #2 when my children simply complain about my cooking!”


Mom of 2, 4 and 6-year-olds